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Customizable reports:

These reports are based on templates you can change to reflect your MSP brand, your story and your experience.  Include your references and case studies, your team and your unique value set.  These different reports demonstrate the flexibility of getKambium – portrait or landscape, formal, informal or in-between – its up to you!

Sales Discovery Review

With the sales discovery review process, you have a repeatable framework of questions and recommendations to help you gain a deep understanding of your client’s business and deliver high-value recommendations.


Security Review

This report is the output of a security discovery that explores your clients’ cybersecurity risk profile and understands their tolerance and appetite for risk, plus their key exposures and obligations.


Executive Review

The output of the strategy discovery clarifies the client’s current situation and the strategic priorities shaping the need for change.  Easily translate that into initiatives to address those priorities and build a plan to achieve these with the client, with timelines and budgets.


Quarterly Business Review

Pulling information from the other reviews and 3rd party systems, QBR’s are created in minutes, not hours.  Provide a roadmap update and clarity on the decisions your clients need to make now.


GetKambium will help you help your clients to achieve their business goals, hit their targets and mitigate their business risks